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Wrap Facts

Here you will find answers and insight to all things wrap related. From failures, Do's and Don'ts, Life Span of a wrap, Maintaining a wrap for long term, and so much more!

All Things Wrap Related

Life Span

The average life span of a vehicle wrap in Louisiana is roughly 4 to 5 years. You will likely start to see sun burning, (brown spots in some areas of the color) at year 4. Waiting any longer will dry out the vinyl and bake it to your car. In return makes it super hard to remove. It is wise to remove after 4 years old.


We warranty our wrap install for 1 year. This covers anything lifting or bubbling that may happen to any stretched areas or complicated areas, like bumpers and mirrors.

Proper Cleaning

Proper cleaning of your vehicle wrap will prolong the life of your wrap. We recommend hand washing only. We do not recommend using automatic carwashes. Gloss and Satin finish wraps can be cleaned with gloss was chemicals. We recommend Chemical Guys detailing products. Wash a Matte finish wrap has to be done with a matte wrap cleaner. No wax can be applied to a Matte finish. It will discolor the wrap or turn the Matte finish Glossy.


The durability of a wrap is pretty durable in most every day situations. Rock pecks may still get the wrap vinyl just like it would your paint on the bumper, or hood. We recommend installing PPF over the wrap to protect it from rock damage. Roughing it into tree limbs or any other hard surface may cause tearing if used on a boat or an atv.

Maintaining a  Wrap

How well you maintain the upkeep on your wrap will also determine the life span of your wrap. If you clean it weekly you will keep any contaminates off and a nice layer of UV protection to keep the color brighter longer.

We use a variety of products tailored to wrap cleaning. We carry products from Chemical Guys, Wrap Fresh, AutoSauce Imfinity Coating, and Ceramic Pro Coating. We recommend these when detailing and cleaning your wrap. 

We offer Ceramic Coating for vehicle wraps from Imfinity Coatings and Ceramic Pro Coatings. Both coating give a 2 year coating life to your wrap. This will help slow down the rate at which the color fades from constant sun. To keep the hydrophobic properties of beading up and ease of cleaning your wrap has to be washed weekly. The longer containments stay on top of the wrap and coating will leave imperfections like bird poop on paint. The coating does not add rock chip protection to the front end. 

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